Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Language of "Uh"

My girls have been speaking a new language for a few months. I first noticed their new vernacular this summer. Eden would become frustrated with something Lillian was doing and she would say, "Lilli! Stop-uh!"

Later in the day I might hear Lilli say, "Eden! Quit-uh!" 

Many times the exchange between my two daughters would simply be the other sister's name. "Lilli-uh" or "Eden-uh" was heard in their conversation exchange several times a day.

Other "uh" words include:
1. Asher-uh
2. Don't-uh
3. Stupid-uh

Phrases include:
1. "I'm coming-uh."
2. "Be quiet-uh."
3. "It's not funny-uh."
4. "Leave me alone-uh."

I noticed the increased use of the "uh" ending correlated exactly with the volume of the speaker's voice which correlated with the intent of the speaker to get the person "named-uh" in major trouble.

Now, Daddy-uh and Mama-uh even join in the conversation now and then...

Good night-uh.

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  1. We speak that language here too, only our favorite is No-uh! Which I reply "built the ark"