Thursday, March 3, 2011

One out of two ain't bad...

Actually, 50% is failing.

So hard for me to say... I failed at my 30-day cleaning and organizing challenge. I only accomplished about half of what I wanted to accomplish. Laundry, kitchen, living, dining, guest bedroom, master bedroom, hall...

I need the painted baseboards nailed in and the ceiling painted in the hall bath. I need to paint the master bath (which has had paint sample splotches on the wall for longer than I care to mention). However, I have an excuse. We were supposed to install a double shower over Thanksgiving and got side-tracked with a smaller project that took longer than expected. I need to paint Asher's bedroom. (The current yellow doesn't match his new "teen" comforter.)

I am happy to report all the areas that have been cleaned and organized have remained cleaned and organized. I have been more cognizant of putting things away properly. I love to be organized but it takes some maintenance work!

I will continue to chip away at these projects and complete them. I want to feel like my house is finished... but who knows if that will ever come to fruition. There is always something to be fixed, updated, cleaned, etc.

I've confirmed with this challenge I am a busy mama. I expect the impossible out of 24 hours. I make the list and fully anticipate checking off everything... But there are always interruptions. Like children. And a husband. Cooking. Cleaning. LAUNDRY! Volunteering at school. Church responsibilities. Helping out a friend. Running. Reading. Writing. Isn't that life?

I love busy. Busy means you're needed. You're essential. Busy means you're accomplishing goals. No matter how small. Busy is moving. It's going somewhere. It's purpose.

I had a hard time trying to decide on a challenge for March. If February was a busy month... March is guaranteed to be off the charts! I'm hosting a wedding shower and rehearsal dinner this weekend. I'm running the Little Rock Half on Sunday. Soccer and baseball start this month. Spring Break. The Beelers (who are currently living in South Africa) are visiting next weekend. I'm in a wedding on March 19th. Photo shoots. I'm a trainer for beginner runners in the Maumelle "Women Can Run" clinic which meets two nights a week. Yowzers!

So.... March will be a month of mini-challenges.
#1 I will finish my painting projects. (Master bath and Asher's room.)
#2 I will start a new workout routine next week. I want to take a toning class 3x a week with two additional short runs.
#3 Our family is starting a "family" journal.
#4 I want to make menus again and stay within a $100 weekly budget for the month.
#5 I want to work in the yard at least once a week.

I'll be blogging about each mini-challenge and hoping to inspire others to take small baby steps to reach big goals in our lives. I always love your suggestions and hearing about your own goals. Happy Spring!

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