Monday, June 13, 2011

Summertime is...

I have seriously been considering getting back into speech pathology lately. Nothing full time... just enough hours a week to feel like I'm "working." 
My doubts about getting a "real job" are always my children. I will only work during school hours... but, what if one of them gets sick? Or wants me to go on a field trip with them?
In photography, weddings are a great source of income. I dabbled last summer and the feedback from my clients told me I could pursue this genre of photography. When I considered this type of work, I always came back to my children. How many soccer games, recitals, or swim meets would I miss? How many beautiful weekends with my family would I give up for some quick cash? 
I am blessed beyond measure. My husband has a great job and I am able to "stay home" with no worries about money. Could we have more stuff if I worked (for money)? Yes! Could we be more "financially secure?" Possibly. 
I have discussed this feeling of wanting to be employed again with my husband. When I asked D what he thought about me getting a job as a speech pathologist, he really surprised me with his answer. 
He said it was his honor and privilege to be so blessed in his work that his wife could stay home. He told me he loves that I am home to take care of the children and to enjoy the freedom of a few hours each day to reach my fitness goals, read, write, volunteer, and dabble in whatever hobby I am interested in at the moment. 
In that statement, he expressed my value. He didn't see dollar signs. He didn't see meals cooked, clothes washed, and house cleaned. He saw me. He knows what I accomplish during a day. And, he knows what I dream of accomplishing during a lifetime. 
I am so blessed. I am so loved. I am so valued. I am so grateful.
Who knows what I will decide...
I am just taking this summer to enjoy my children... to revel in what summertime is...

And, sometimes... it's pancakes for lunch!

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  1. Your husband loves you very much. And I think you make perfect pancakes!