Monday, June 20, 2011

Home Brew: Take One

D and I decided to try home brewing. He ordered a kit online and our first batch of beer is "Old School IPA" from Austin Homebrew Supply.

D setting up the supplies... assembly line fashion...

HOPS! (Adds that bitter flavor we love.)


Heating water to 155 degrees...

D adding the grains...

Soaking the grains.

D pouring in the malt extract...

Hops. Yummy hops!

(Hops are the tasty flowers that add flavor to beer.)

Asher peeks in at the process after asking, "What's that smell?"

At this point, we're hoping our home brew is going to taste something like these taste...

Drinking and brewing.

D calls for more advice from his buddy.

The yeast.

Watching the timer...

Taking my turn bottling our brew!

Four weeks to wait... hope it's delicious!

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