Monday, August 1, 2011

Blame it on Facebook!

I can't believe I haven't posted since June 20th. I feel so guilty. So slovenly. And, so incomplete.

I write a little bit every day. I just haven't been sharing lately. I always have such grand visions of my what my accomplishments will be and how I will share nuggets of wisdom with my audience and then I get distracted by life.

Summer is especially distracting...

Part of the distractions of late have been travel-related. I took the kids to Virginia Christadelphian Youth Camp and then to the Great Lakes Bible School in Wisconsin. That adventure took 14 days. Then, I returned home with our friend, Dwight. (When Dwight is here I get even less done because we like to philosophize while laying poolside in the sun!) The two weeks home were filled with unpacking, loads and loads of laundry, a lot of swim practice, a lot of friends, packing for a second trip, and two swim meets before heading to Grandy and Grammy's house. (Yes. Back to Virginia.)

A great time was had by all in Virginia. We played with the cousins. We ran a 5K. (The first for all three kids.) We went to the beach for a few days. We visited Jamestown. And, we got plenty of quality time with Aunt Martie, Aunt Carmen, and Aunt Shannon!

Now, being back home just means two more weeks to get ready for school. The girls and I spent the morning cleaning and organizing their room. We also started gathering school supplies and I realized how tall they've grown this summer! 

I always want to accomplish more than is possible during a day. I've finally realized how much time three children take out of my schedule. Someone is ALWAYS hungry (must be related to the growing!). Someone is always asking a question (usually about having a friend over). Someone is always needing something...

So, I blame Facebook. It's too easy to type in a quick status update. Instead, I should be taking the time to muse about motherhood in a more thoughtful way. It's therapeutic. I should know this... anything worth anything takes time. However, I will resist taking the opportunity to make an "I will blog more" promise. Because I also know that "good intentions are not enough..." I've got to get to work!

At camp you make life-long friends!


More cousins!
The girls and Aunt Carmen!
Asher catches a wave at Virginia Beach!

Pregnant Aunt Martie looking radiant... only eight weeks to go!

The girls imagine what it would be like to live in a Powhatan Indian house!

"Land ahoy!" Grammy shouts. (Did I mention it was 108 degrees on our visit to Jamestown?)

The kids try on the armor while touring the English fort at Jamestown.

We helped Uncle Ty and Aunt Shannon celebrate their 7th anniversary while in Richmond.

Dwight and Asher... twinkies in their matching shirts.

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