Sunday, April 17, 2011

Age Difference

Lilli: "Mama, how old was Daddy when you got married?"

Me: "Daddy was eighteen when we got married."

Lilli: "He was a teenager?"

Me: "Yes."

Lilli: "And, how old were you when you married Daddy?"

Me: "I was twenty-two."

Lilli: "Mama, why didn't you wait until Daddy was twenty-two?"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At the Barre

This is the second year the girls have taken ballet. They really wanted to skip ballet today and jump on the neighbor's trampoline. Every time they complain about "having to go to ballet" they owe me a dollar... so, the complaining is minimal. 

They move with such grace in their class. I giggled today as Eden copied everything Ms. Rebecca said while they were at the barre. She has obviously memorized their routine and I found it hilarious. I was impressed she didn't miss a position...

The girls were practicing today for their upcoming stage performance in May. They really shine under the leadership of Ms. Rebecca!

Lil listens to Ms. Rebecca

Stella, Lilli, and Eden at the barre.

Love the light on Lilli's face...

Caught Eden with her hands down her skirt...