Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The first day of a new year.

Always filled with promise. Such potential. A clean slate.

And, then?

As we distance ourselves from January 1st, what do we have? More of the same? Broken resolutions?

Or do we truly make something better for ourselves? Our family? Our community? Our world?

Do we discover a better way? Or do we just repeat last year... whining because of another season of coulda' shoulda' woulda'?

My hope is we will all find inspiration from somewhere or someone to live in a better way. I hope to learn from self-discovery. I also hope to learn from others. My hope is I improve who I am... no matter my circumstance. My hope is I realize the value of both the "ups and downs" I will encounter in the next 365 days.

(Written in my Iphone "notes" on January 1, 2012.)