Monday, June 9, 2014

Parenting 101

I love my children.

I love them because they are mine.

I love them with a fierce, bold love.

I don't view them as perfect because I am aware of their nature.

I know they will make LOTS of mistakes.

I have taught them to be kind to others. They can be mean.

I have taught them to practice self-control. They can lose control in a flash of anger.

I have taught them to be honest.  They can lie.

I fully expect them to fail. However, I hope they learn from their failures.

I fully expect them to blame others. However, I hope they don't really believe it's someone else's fault.

They are...


I am in my children's lives every day. I have made mothering my life's work for awhile now. Some days I feel accomplished and nearly perfect. Most days I feel exhausted and doubtful of my ability to raise three human beings.

I know them so well. At times I feel like I can read their thoughts. I want to make sure I teach them every thing they "need to know" before they leave my home. And it is in these moments I doubt I am even touching the surface of what they need to know...

I guess all they really need to know is love.

I love you, Asher.
I love you, Lillian.
I love you, Eden.

I love you with a healthy diet, clean sheets, instruction, humor, music, reading out loud, limited television, plenty of rest, vacation, trips to the library, taking you to church, walks... snuggles, long talks, hugs, kisses, games... loving your dad...

I hope I am patient. And kind. I hope I am not rude. To you. Or anyone. I hope I am not easily angered. And I hope I "get over it." I hope I am truthful. I hope you feel protected by me. I hope you always feel you can trust me.

Love never fails.