Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am 16 days into my second 30-day challenge and I am way behind.

I guess I'm not up to the challenge.

However, that's not it. I am up to the challenge if I could only find the time! Between training for the Little Rock half-marathon (I've already run 15 miles this week and need to run that many more), friends calling me with a need for my help, sick children, snow days, the 5th grade musical, etc. I can't find a few hours every day to complete all of my projects.

So far I have cleaned and organized my laundry room, pantry, dining room, foyer, stairs (which included taking all of the pictures off of the wall and painting over all of the nicks), living room, living room closet (which I still need to post pictures), and my kitchen (I still have a few shelves to organize). Whew! I still have the big project of all of the bedrooms, finishing my hall bathroom (which mom and I wallpapered and painted the trim), the upstairs closet (yikes!), and putting together the upstairs office (our new furniture arrived yesterday).

I have two weeks from today to finish. I'm concentrating on laundry today. I also have my piano lesson in a few minutes and I am volunteering at 5th grade musical practice all afternoon into the evening hours. D is out of town until Friday. And, I leave town Saturday morning and won't return until Tuesday evening.

I feel like The Little Engine That Could ... "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." I might turn out to be The Little Engine That Couldn't...

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  1. You could always revise your challenge and commit to completing the downstairs this month and the upstairs next month? From first hand experience, the more stressed out you are about getting this done, the less you will get done. Take a deep breath, a step back and prioritize the tasks that you can get completed the quickest. If you can only get to one shelf in the hall closet today and not the whole thing, who cares? At least you made some progress and are one step closer to completion, right? Also, since you have kids old enough to help, task them with easy stuff--taking things out of closets, shelves, drawers, etc. so you don't have to.....You'll get there and don't think otherwise! :-)