Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Challenge

My "food challenge" in January was a success. I learned a lot! Thanks to everyone for their valuable input. I hope all of my "challenges" through 2011 bring a sense of community to my life. I love sharing ideas with friends that make all of our lives better!

I asked for suggestions from all of you for future challenges. I had some really great suggestions and have been thinking about my choice for a couple of weeks. I want my challenges to be a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual. The "food challenge" was really a mental challenge of staying on task. I am easily distracted. Accountability is a must for me. Accountability is the reason I have always performed so well in school and at work. I want the "A" and the excellent job performance review.

February's challenge will be in the spirit of reducing distractions. I was thinking of completing a quilt but I decided I better get my home totally organized before I begin a quilt. Because I know myself. I will see disorder and not be able to focus on quilting.

My plan for February is to clean and organize my home in a month. A friend sent me a magazine article... "Organize Your Home in 30 Days." The article had some great suggestions, however, I want to get even more done! The article seemed to be aimed at someone who had a (paying) job and I have the privilege of "staying home." Therefore, I think I can get a little more done.

My goal will be to CLEAN every inch of my house and get all the "little" projects DONE! Again, this will be a challenge that will require me to stay on task. I will try to include before and after pictures of each daily task. I would appreciate any suggestions and how to get and stay organized. I have enlisted the help of my mom on a few tasks. I will need someone to help me decide what stays and what goes in some situations! I want to become more of a minimalist. Possessions possess and I'm ready to let go of "things" that clutter my home and life.

Here is my original list I made a few weeks ago. I will probably skip around because of my schedule. Example: I had to alter my plans yesterday because I was called in the morning to come substitute a half-day at school.

Clean and organize my home in 30 days:
1.  (Tue) Cabinets above laundry / laundry room
2.  (Wed) Kitchen pantry
3.  (Thur) Dining
4.  (Fri) Hall Bath / Clean and finish hanging wallpaper
5.  (Sat) Foyer and Stairs
6.  (Mon) Living
7.  (Tue)  Kitchen
8.  (Wed) Kitchen cont.
9.  (Thur) Living Room closet
10.(Fri) Living Room

Cleaning means vaccum, dust, clean every inch including ceiling fans, pictures on wall, baseboards, cushions, rugs, etc.
Organizing means a place for everything and everything in its place... donating or throwing away anything that isn't being used!

Join me. Get organized. Simplify your life. Reduce possessions and have more time for living!

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