Thursday, February 3, 2011

Double Duty

What is missing from this picture?
I decided to clean/organize "two days worth" yesterday. So, I tackled the pantry and the dining room. The pantry took awhile. I eliminated some plastic cups and a few out of date items. I store my extra house paint in my pantry (on the floor) and found a few cans I didn't need anymore... wow! It always feels good to purge! I wiped all of the shelves and got rid of a few spider webs.

The dining room was easy. There was excess glitter from Lil's birthday party that took awhile to wipe and vacuum up. I decided to leave up the birthday decorations. My birthday is next week and a little bit of "festive" always helps to fight the winter blues. :)



  1. You are inspiring me, maybe this will be my March challenge. I really appreciate your pictures, that they look real, you didn't try to make them all fancy and magazine looking.

  2. I gotta say, your "before"s didn't look half bad. :)