Friday, February 25, 2011


Life is said to be a journey. My thought is every day of life is a mini-journey. Every day I learn something new to add to my collective life experience. Every day I put a new mental thought picture into my life album. Every day I turn over a new stone and find something I never knew existed. This something may be as simple as a new way to fold socks and it may be as complicated as realizing something I've always believed is totally wrong. Whatever "it" is is what makes my journey so interesting.

I got back Tuesday evening from a trip with my sisters. We traveled to South Hill, Virginia to spend the weekend with one of my best friends (and she's my first cousin too!). We were talking about a "girls' weekend" at the end of last summer and when I mentioned Bon Jovi was touring... we made plans!

Mandie, Martie, and I headed out Saturday morning for a 14-hour road trip to Virginia. We haven't spent that much time in a car together since we were kids. (Our parents took us all over the United States in a mini-van during our childhood.) We had a great time! Reconnecting. Listening to Martie discuss her belly size... "My belly's so big!" Laughing. Listening to Martie announce "I'm hungry!" every hour. Talking about our own pregnancy experiences. Singing along to the Bon Jovi mix CD. Discussing life filtered through our "mid-life eyes" and wondering what challenges our lives were sure to bring us.

My favorite part of the trip was realizing how much I enjoy being around my sisters. We don't just tolerate each other because we're "kin" - we love each other. We accept each other while we help each other grow into wise women. We each offer unique qualities to benefit the whole. We are always "there" for each other.

Adding our first cousin, Cory, to the mix makes it all even better! We enjoyed her hospitality and got to see her as a mama in action with her three, young children.

We headed to Raleigh, North Carolina after lunch on Monday. Of course, we did a little shopping (would it be a girls' weekend without shopping?) and then checked into our hotel before going out for a delicious sushi dinner.

We arrived at the RBC Center and were thrilled at our great seats on the Club Level. (No lines to the bathrooms and a full service bar...) We had a great view of the stage and enjoyed an energetic and entertaining show! (We all decided if our husbands looked as good as Jon at 49... we would be very happy women!)

Study after study shows women live longer, healthier lives if they nourish their female friendships. I'm taking that advice and already thinking about next year's "girl" trip. Where should we go?
The girls in the kitchen...

Sweet boy.

Mandie putting curlers in Shana's hair for her birthday photo shoot the next day.

Micah reading his book by the fire.

Shana opening her birthday gifts!

Mandie's temporary tattoo parlor!

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  1. Marria, the pictures in this post really stand out. They are WONDERFUL!