Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Behind on my cleaning

I am behind on my February challenge. Cleaning and organizing requires total concentration and I (being a mama, wife, volunteer, friend, etc) am constantly interrupted.

Today... being the perfect example. It started off with the Suburban not starting. Appears to be the fuel pump. Then D came home for lunch and I drove him to the airport to pick up Mr. Pepper (his 82' Chevy). THEN Martie wanted me to go on a walk with her. Then the kids were home and I had to make them a snack. Then I had to pick Asher up from school. Then I had to make a trip to the K Roger before the "big snow storm." Then I cooked supper. Then I took Asher to basketball practice. Then I ran for an hour on the treadmill. Then I took a shower. Then I helped the kids with their Valentines... Then. Then. Then.

Now, I'm sitting in bed. Thinking about school already being closed (despite not a snowflake in sight) and how I'm going to handle all of the "thens" tomorrow and get some of my cleaning accomplished... If I were the most awesome mama in the world I would think of a creative way to involve the children. Instead, I will be the most fun mama and bundle the kids up, play in the snow, make hot chocolate, play a game, watch a movie... and then and only then... I might finish the living room and start on the kitchen.

Cleaned and organized the living room closet today. I'll reveal the results tomorrow!

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