Monday, February 7, 2011

Being Human

Being human is being made in the image of the Maker. Being human is always striving for perfection and always falling short... Being human is the flesh overpowering the spirit. It can be dark, mean, selfish, hateful, lazy...

Some days I really tire of being human. I want to be perfect. But I'm not. I want to please the Creator. But I disappoint. I want to be selfless. But (in the words of Asher at two-years-old) "I want to do what I want to do all the time."

Then comes confession. "Confess your faults..." Right?

I really let the ugly part of myself out sometimes... like last night. D and I have been playing "Words with Friends." Wow. Writing words with friends just really hit me because I was anything but friendly with my husband over a word he played. He played the word "Qi" for 30 points. It was not the fact he scored a lot of points. It was not the fact he is ahead of me in the game. It was the fact of my own personal opinion about the game of Scrabble. I believe people should only play words they actually use in "real life." So, I put myself and my opinion out there. I sat my own opinion on a pedestal and then got into a fight with my husband over it.

I argued with him over a two-letter word. A word I think is spelled "'chi" in English. A word D never uses in "real life"... a word that veteran Scrabble players always pull out and use when they want to score a lot of points... And, I let that two-letter word make me into a foolish woman. I not only fought with D about the play. I cried about it!

I told him I was sorry early this morning.

As I was cleaning up later ... this comic from Sunday's paper was laying on top of the kitchen table.

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