Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Lil

    Lilli turned 8 today. My first daughter. My middle child.

Dear Lillian,
I am watching you grow into a beautiful young woman. You are no longer a baby yet you are still under my care... my job is to teach you, guide you, and love you.
You already know your place. You are so socially aware. Always realizing how you affect others (except for your sister). You are a thinker. You analyze everything... until your "tummy hurts."
I took you to Target today so you could spend your birthday money. As we pulled into the parking lot, you told me your "tummy hurt." You said, "Yes, I'm nervous. I don't know why." I told you it was anticipation. And excitement.
I love how you have to talk about everything. It's your way of working through the situations in your life. I love how you care about your friends and their feelings. You understand the social scene and you are well liked at school but you don't seem to buy into it all. (Reminds me of myself at your age.)
You could have had all of the "popular girls" at your birthday party this year but you opted out. Because "she was mean to Stella" or "she doesn't really get along with her." I really liked how you thought of other people's feelings. I hope you are always that way. You won't be "popular" because of it but you will have true friendships that last a lifetime.
You are superb at ballet and carry yourself with grace. You are also quite the pianist. You told me this afternoon, "I love music. Especially the clarinet." I also love to hear you sing. You have a gorgeous voice.
I love you and I want you to know God has a plan for you. He has created you with a purpose.
Always treat others with kindness and you will go far in this life. You probably won't be super-rich or famous but you will be able to walk with grace because you know you have always "tried your best."

Love, Mama

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