Monday, January 17, 2011

Back into the Groove

After my mini panic attack last week, I was feeling good about my food challenge as I headed to the K-Roger tonight. It was probably because I ran for 40 minutes before my trip to the grocery store. The endorphin-high always helps me work through my issues and I felt positive I could make my purchases and still have some spare change.

My total was $39.12! I purchased romaine lettuce hearts, frozen green peas, two bags of shredded mild cheddar cheese (had a coupon when I purchased two bags and they were on sale!), a bag of frozen chicken tenders, Laura's ground beef (my splurge... can't eat beef fattened at a stock yard anymore... but that's another blog post), Smart Balance (had a coupon), butter (wow! I use a lot of butter), a bag of Yukon Gold potatoes (yum!), bread, organic half-n-half, and (you guessed it) bananas.

When I got to the checkout line, another checker asked me if I wanted to check out at aisle 8. (I was at aisle 7.) "Sure," I said. "Could I ask you a favor?" He replied "yes" and I told him I wanted a subtotal on the first items (the deli meat and other loaf of bread were in the kids' lunch category) because I was conducting an experiment. He smiled and said, "I checked you out the other day." I knew he hadn't and answered, "That was probably my sister." He looked at me again and said, "Yeah. She was talking about how she was doing a $50 a week food experiment with her sister. How's it working out?" We discussed some of the specifics and he wished me good luck.

I have also been offered a trade of deer meat for honey (my freezer has meat again!) and another friend has suggested I sign up for the Angel Food something or other... When I said to my friend... "that would be stealing" from the people who really needed the assistance he assured me there was no "socioeconomic" requirement. I told him I would pass. He just likes to tease me. I'm going to make it at least another 7 days!

Just sayin'...


  1. We've done the Angel Food thing before. My understanding is it's not a socioeconomic thing either. It had a lot of good things, but a lot of it wasn't stuff we ate.

  2. Angel food really is a Christian based program that buys in bulk and distributes it out through churches. The only requirement is that you have to find a church that is a distributor. They used to have an allergy free box that I bought monthly, but they no longer carry it. They have great fruit and veggie boxes ocassionally.