Thursday, January 6, 2011

Laundry Day

Today was laundry day. And my "long run" day. (Instead of Saturday.) I had to run seven miles. Luckily, it is unseasonably warm... although windy... and I enjoyed the chat with my two sisters. I left them after too many "walk breaks" and ran the last two miles by myself. I was feeling fast and wanted to push myself.
I am about to take the girls to their piano lessons and then start preparing dinner. We will be having homemade macaroni and cheese (Eden's request), sweet potato fries (one of my Grandmother's specialties), brussel sprouts (already in the freezer), and homemade corn bread with lots of butter!
My mom called me yesterday to make sure we were eating enough. Apparently, my sister's (Mandie) kids visited her after school yesterday and acted like they were starving! I assured her we were eating plenty of nutritious food. She offered me eggs and butternut squash.
My sister, Martie, wants to watch the girls' basketball game tomorrow night so I invited her to dinner. She said, "Are you sure? Is it in the budget?" I assured her we would have plenty of tacos to go around...
She offered to bring some salsa and chips.
Good grief.

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  1. Just curious--do you only do laundry once day a week for your family? I'm finding that I'm constantly having at least one or two loads going each day.....