Thursday, January 27, 2011

Special Delivery

Despite all the complaints about Facebook, my status update gained me a stick of butter.

My status update said, "I need a stick of butter. I wonder if I can find one for 80 cents." A friend and neighbor commented, "Need one? I have one for free." Then she gave me a call and said, "I'm about to go pick up my kids from school. I'll bring you the stick of butter."

So, now I have enough butter for baked potatoes and toast. Thanks, Amanda!

Yet again, I am amazed by the generosity of my friends and neighbors during this challenge. I have gained quite a bit of knowledge about meal planning, grocery shopping, and using coupons. I hope to take the lessons I've learned and keeping using them throughout the year to keep my grocery bills down. Eating simply and shopping wisely make the "splurge" on going out to eat or expensive ingredients for a special meal at home even more meaningful.

I want to learn to rejoice in my blessings... because they are abundant!

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