Monday, January 24, 2011

Week Four... The Final Countdown

I titled this post The Final Countdown because it is currently Asher's favorite song and he is singing it non-stop... I also am nearing the end of the food challenge.

I made my menu this morning and went grocery shopping this afternoon. I only allowed myself to get $40 from the ATM because of D's unexpected shopping trip early Sunday morning. (I was out of eggs. I told him I would just have "scrape" something together for breakfast and he had frozen biscuits, eggs, sausage, and a $9.06 receipt waiting for me when I woke up. Even though I had plenty of frozen biscuits, I didn't fuss at him because his gesture was so thoughtful.)

I spent $33.16 today on bread, organic milk, syrup (with no corn syrup in it), a box of cereal (the first I've purchased all month because the kids are begging!), sour cream (of course), a couple of cans of beans, frozen broccoli, apples (4 for 99 cents), shredded cheddar cheese, salt pork (never bought it before...I'm planning on putting it in a pot of beans for flavor), croutons, bananas, carrots, an avocado, Fritos, bakery bread (72 cents!), and half-n-half.

It was really strange... but it seemed like everything on my list was on sale! Even the organic milk, sour cream, Fritos, and avocado! I didn't splurge on a new bottle of Caesar dressing because I think I can get by with what I have in the fridge.

Menu for Week Four:

Monday  fried eggs, toast  /  LOs , hot dogs (for the kids), fruit

Tuesday  pancakes  /  chicken caesar salad, multi-grain french bread, pears

Wednesday  cereal  /  beans, cornbread

Thursday  biscuits, sausage  /  baked potatoes, broccoli

Friday   oatmeal  /  chili, Fritos, cheddar cheese, carrot sticks, apple slices

Saturday  breakfast tacos  /  *Lil's birthday party

Sunday   scrambled eggs, biscuits  /  chili, LOs

*I guess I'm not totally a "purist" because I'm ordering pizza (Lil's request) for my child's birthday party and making brownie sundaes. She deserves a treat not only because it's her birthday but because she has gone without ice cream for almost a month with minimal complaining.

Now... I am looking for suggestions for future monthly challenges. I want to complete a challenge every month for 2011. I already have a few ideas in the works but your input is greatly appreciated!


  1. Love it, Marria! This was fun to read!

  2. I have a challenge for you - the same one I've been doing. Try to cook double or triple portions and freeze some for later. Cheaper and saves time! I don't know exactly how it would work as a challenge, but maybe you can tweak it if you're interested.

  3. I agree with Jessica, this is something I just started doing not that long ago and I just love it for those rushed nights. But what I have found is that some things freeze well and some don't so why don't you figure all that out for us Marria and then let me know, lol.