Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I'm planning my menu for Week Three and I had to give my sister, Mandie, a call. We take turns in taking the girls (her daughter and my two) to ballet every Wednesday. Whoever takes to ballet is exempt from cooking supper. So, it's my sister's turn! Being on the budget, I wanted to make sure she was prepared to feed all of us... she assured me she was ready! (I fed her family last Wednesday.)

As we were chatting, I told her about my excess mozzarella cheese I needed to use and my joy at finding a homemade pizza crust recipe online! I also told her about my homemade pancake mix I'm going to make to substitute the store-bought I usually use. I was happily going through my menu as I realized I panicked prematurely a few days ago! (Funny what sisters can bond over...)

Menu for Week Three:

Monday  fried eggs, toast  /  LOs for lunch (home for MLK Day)  /  cheese pizza (homemade pizza crust), salad

Tuesday  pancakes  /  homemade fried chicken tenders, green peas, mashed potatoes with gravy (white, Southern style... mmmmm mmmmm good!)

Wednesday  scrambled eggs, grits, toast  /  Mandie's house for supper

Thursday  oatmeal  /  penne rigate with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, salad

Friday  pancakes  /  tacos, homemade Mexican rice

Saturday  breakfast tacos  /  hot dogs, homemade French fries, fruit  /  beans, cornbread

Sunday  biscuits, scrambled eggs  /  tomato soup with grilled cheese, fruit

Bon Appetit!

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