Sunday, January 9, 2011

On Budget

Week #1 of the $50 "food challenge" budget was a success! There were only a few minor complaints from the peanut gallery (i.e. the children) and everyone enjoyed a healthy diet and full bellies. I spent a little extra time on the planning and the preparation but less time shopping. (Less shopping is always a bonus in my opinion!)

Week in Review: Shopping trip on Monday I spent $29.73, on Friday I spent $10.07, and D bought celery for me on Saturday for $1.45. (Grand total = $41.25)  Even with the sour cream splurge, I still came in under budget!

(Since the Fenders had us over last night for bean burritos, we'll have to return the favor with our extra cash and have a feast!)

Here's my menu for Week Two:
Monday  cereal, banana  /  baked chicken, Rice-a-Roni mix, green beans

Tuesday  french toast  /  tuna salad sandwiches, potato chips, fruit

Wednesday  scrambled eggs, grits  /  beans, cornbread (because I didn't make them last week because we were invited to a friend's house

Thursday  biscuits, sausage  /  LOs

 Friday  cereal, banana  /  homemade chicken-n-dumplins', green peas, carrot sticks, corn bread

Saturday  pancakes  /  chicken enchiladas, homemade mexican rice (had it at Lynelle's house... delicious!)

 Sunday  oatmeal  /  (potluck at church for lunch) taco soup  /  LOs

I'm looking forward to the challenge of Week #2! I'm so thankful for my generous and understanding friends during another one of my whims...

* A little after thought... I was discussing the savings of $400-$500 (my usual food budget is around $600... it's hard to believe and I'm looking into why...) during this food challenge with a friend and we started brain-storming. If we did this same food challenge every third month (4x a year) we could potentially "save" $1600-$2000! And that's a nice family vacation... the possibilities are endless with ingenuity and determination!

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