Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"ALL I want for Christmas is a kitten, mama. That's ALL!" Eden told me... over and over again.

D and I had decided to continue our tradition of keeping Christmas simple. We want the focus to be on family time and sharing God's blessings with others. This philosophy is hard to explain to a 6-year-old who was counting down to Christmas Day before the beginning of December. "ALL" she wanted for Christmas turned into "Do I have any more presents?" It was interesting E took this approach because she is not a "gimme" kind of kid.

We found a kitten for her two days before Christmas. He was a rescue and 13 weeks old. I named him prior to picking him up. I told Eden his name was Shalom which means "peace." Peace between siblings who would be "sharing" the kitten. I thought she would be possessive of Shalom. She wasn't. He is being shared by the entire family including Sissy and Mr. Jane who are tolerating him!

Both girls are being quite responsible and making sure he has food and water. They are also taking turns scooping the litter box. Shalom has added some "new kitten" fun to our family! He is giving us all hours of entertainment. Thanks for the suggestion, Eden. It was time for a new pet.

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  1. Shalom looks like my sweet kitties, Boo Boo and Rambo. Same white tummy and white paws! Kitties do make for a lot of entertainment!